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Updated April 2015

Aluminum can and Steel can recycling is available for public drop off at VIWMA's Peter's Rest Convenience Center. Please drop off your cans in bin area #6. It is clearly marked with a green recycling sign. Please encourage friends and family to drop off their cans too. 

Updated 4-6-13

Boys & Girls Clubs aluminum can recycling moves from Anna's Hope to Peter's Rest April 15, 2013!

The Boys & Girls Club aluminum can collection project will start April 15th at a new location. Residents will be able to donate aluminum and steel cans by dropping them off in a designated 20 yard bin at VIWMA's new Peter's Rest Convenience Center. The Center is located 2 blocks Southwest of the original Anna's Hope recycle center and will be the island's first separated waste/resource facility. The opportunity for Boys & Girls Clubs of the VI to have a designated recycling bin for collecting aluminum and steel cans is the result of a true collaborative effort between Boys & Girls Clubs of the VI, St. Croix Recycles, VIWMA, DIAGEO USVI and Paradise Waste. This wonderful example of public, private and non-profit entities working together to benefit Virgin Islanders is cause for celebration and sincere appreciation.

Processing of recycled materials will be done off site by Paradise Waste using Boys & Girls Clubs-owned equipment that was purchased with grants received from VIWMA and DIAGEO USVI in 2009. As per the original agreements, Boys & Girls Clubs will receive a percentage of the aluminum can recycling profits for Boys & Girls Club programming. Additionally, St. Croix Recycles will receive a smaller portion of the profits for marketing and education outreach.

Virgin Islands Recycling Partnership

Download Document: Solid Waste Integrated Plan: April 25, 2011

The integrated solid waste management options outlined in this document were formulated as a result of an intensive and collaborative citizen participation process started in the Spring of 2010 through the Virgin Islands Recycling Partnership (VIRP). The overall goal of this process is to develop a Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) program for the Virgin Islands, one that will help solve the solid waste crisis, but that will also work to improve the economy of the islands.

The VIRP was formed by the US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Regional Administrator, Judith Enck, and has been facilitated by Mark Lichtenstein, Principal Investigator of the Environmental Finance Center (EFC), located at Syracuse University. The Syracuse EFC is independent from the US EPA; but since 1993, it has been charged with serving governments, communities, organizations, and citizens of EPA's Region 2, which includes the US Virgin Islands. Lichtenstein also serves as President of the National Recycling Coalition, Inc, is an experienced solid waste management and recycling practitioner, and has extensive citizen participation and facilitation expertise. He complied this document.

Status of Recycle Center in Anna's Hope (see the center moved to Peter's Rest April 15, 2013)

Historical Information

The Recycling Association (RAVI) helped write and manage two grants to fund the Boys & Girls Club Recycle Center in Anna’s Hope.

Project purpose per the 2009 grant applications: To purchase new equipment, make equipment repairs, and clean up the Boys and Girls Club Recycling Center so that it may re-open and serve the entire St. Croix community by recycling non-ferrous metals including aluminum cans.

  • Boys & Girls Club deposited $38,625.00 from VIWMA CEG on 11/03/09.
  • Boys & Girls Club deposited $35,000.00 from Diageo on 12-31-09.
  • Boys & Girls Club deposited a $5000 donation from Hovensa on 3-24-10

The four major expenses that funding contributed to include:

  • $35,775.00 fora 50:1 can densifier with in-line sorter. Equipment is in storage and is ready to be delivered.
  • $27,000.00 for building / site renovation.
  • $4,039.00 for electrical supplies and labor.
  • $3,675.00 for site cleanup (brush and fence removal).

Additional expenses have also been incurred for paint, equipment rental, clean-up supplies, banner, volunteer lunches, water etc.

Work completed to date includes:

  • Clearing of brush and old fencing
  • Erection of new fence
  • Replacement of all roofing and installation of a 5’ perimeter top sheet metal cap
  • Installation of new electrical boxes, conduit, and corner lighting
  • Cleaning and painting of the building exterior and all interior spaces.
  • Purchase and delivery of new can densifer with in-line magnetic sorter.
  • Multiple press events have included separate check presentations by VIWMA and Diageo, plus a variety of community clean-up days.
  • Prior to the site being complete, the original operator said he could no longer be the BGC operator.  RAVI then got approval from BGC to write and issue an RFP for an operator.
  • RAVI leadership has evaluated the RFP responses and made a recommendation to BGC.
  • Recommended operator and BGC have entered into an agreement and the operator has access to the site